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We can accept files from the latest versions of these programs:

Illustrator. Black text should be 100% black, not CMYK.
PhotoShop. 300 dpi min (600 preferred). Color CMYK. If the file or embedded file is an image with large type - such as a logo or other artwork, then 300 dpi is acceptable, but 600 will yield better results. For any file with small type, 600 dpi is required.
InDesign. Black text should be 100% black, not CMYK.

We need ALL your art work!
We also accept PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG and BMP (min. 600 dpi) files. Fonts must be embedded in PDF.

Either convert all text to paths or outline type and group or send all Screen and Printer fonts used. When we complete your order, we will remove them from our system.

When assigning colors to your art and text, use Pantone® spot colors only, unless it is a 4 color process label. Do not use four color process builds for spot colors in files. When two colors touch, we will need 1/64” trap with the bleed of the light color under the dark color. Black overprints all colors.

Media & Accepted File Storage
CD’s, DVD’s , Zip Disks, E-Mail, Camera ready art - high resolution positive print
Email Recommendations: Zip or Stuff files to preserve file integrity and reduce transmission time.
Files over 5 Mb should not be sent by email, but can be uploaded using our Quote Request Form on our website.


Create your artwork within the size of the label.
Keep artwork 1/16” in from edge of label.
Extend bleeds 1/16” outside of the label.
Type must be at least 5 points. Reverse type must be BOLD, at least 7 points, and in a sans serif font. Serif type may be used for reverse type 8 points or larger.
Minimum line rule: 0.5 point or .007 inches.
Minimum 1/64” trap: See “Colors” information above.
Email a JPEG or PDF of expected output along with the native file.

Click here to for more information about:

Spot Color and 4 Color Process

Raster and Vector File Formats

Screens for Spot Color Files

Bleeds and File Set Up

Click here to download a pdf of the complete Digital Art Guide: Digital Art Guide (2.9 MB File)