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Screened or tinted illustrations can add texture to a simple label. William's Wicked Pear Cider Label We design labels to fit within your budget. It may be as simple as setting type to coordinate with an existing logo or dressing up a plain text label with clip art. Or we can develop a new logo for your farm. Whatever your requirements we can make suggestions and give you alternatives and the cost of each. We can help you avoid pitfalls of hard-to-read type or bad color combinations. Good design need not be expensive. We think it is worth taking a little extra time to adjust and balance any label to make it look better.
A well-designed label is easy to read and eye-catching but it can also create product identity, satisfy regulatory requirements, and bring your customers back for more. Even if you only need a label to legally market poultry, for instance, why not design the label so it tells the customer how the chicken was raised? A good label can be your sales representative, promoting your product when you can’t be there, in the market and in your customer's kitchen. The style, color and statements made on the label speak volumes about your farm and the integrity of the product. Smoked Salmon Label Lee Farms Organic Beef Label

There is nothing like color to attract attention. Our 25% discount on all 4-color process labels make it an economical option.


Jacob's Ladder Farm Label - Poultry More details at the outset will enable us to work efficiently and save you money. Supply us with sketches, photographs and samples of labels you like. When you contact us, we will supply you with a detailed estimate, itemizing research, logo development and typesetting. We will supply proofs at each step in the process and give you updates on the cost of the project. We can also show you how design decisions affect your printing costs. Taking a little time to develop an attractive label is a good investment for any direct-marketing venture.